roman reigns

For years now Roman Reigns has been pushed as one of WWE’s top stars, but back in 2018 Roman had to vacate the Universal Championship and take time off due to his battle with leuekemia.

Luckily for Roman Reigns he was able to return to the ring, although he has been sitting on the sidelines as of late out of consideration for his family during the coronavirus pandemic.

Reigns recently spoke to Good Day Orlando about his leukemia, and he noted that he was first diagnosed in 2007, and he put it into remission until 2018.

While talking about the symptoms he experienced he noted that the biggest symptom was fatigue.

“I mean, yeah, you go through symptoms. But at the same time, fatigue was really my main symptom. But at the time, I was, you know, a 300-pound college athlete. So through football games, I thought, ‘you’re bigger than you should be playing defensive lines.’ So I figured, I’m supposed to be tired. [Also,] recently, I’m a WWE superstar. I’m on the road, you know, almost 250, 300 nights a year, and with my schedule, late nights, early mornings, traveling nonstop, it just felt like it was just supposed to be a part of the process. That’s what it is when you’re on top in the WWE. But little did I know, I had relapsed and leukemia was back in my blood and had taken its effect.”

Reigns hasn’t appeared on WWE programming since before WrestleMania 36, and there’s currently no indication when he might return.

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