broken matt hardy

This week’s episode of TNA Impact was the final episode of 2016, and it was very Hardy-centric. For A Hardy New Year Special, TNA aired the best of their matches from 2016, and Broken Matt Hardy also received a premonition regarding baby Hardy.

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He was informed by the Seven Deities that the baby’s gender would be revealed via a volcano, and shortly after he had the delightful premonition the volcano exploded with blue smoke, and the Seven Deities confirmed baby Hardy is a boy.

Check it out below.

That’s right folks, Broken Matt Hardy and Queen Rebecca are having a boy, which means King Maxel will have a tag team partner in the not too distant future.

A Hardy New Year Special also featured a big change for Brother Nero. Broken Matt showed Brother Nero the table that he put him through a few months ago that kicked off the events of the Hardy saga. He told Brother Nero to carry the table and throw it in a pit.

Broken Matt Hardy told Brother Nero that he has proved himself, and he has paid back his debt by helping him capture the Tag Team Titles of the World. He told him that he is no longer deleted and if he wants to be the Charismatic Enigma, he can.

Broken Matt then called Vanguard 1 over, and he absorbed Jeff Hardy’s essence that he had given to Vanguard 1, then he transferred it back to Jeff. Broken Matt Hardy lit the table on fire, and they both stood in front of the flames screaming “DELETE!” and “OBSOLETE!”