austin aries

Austin Aries parted ways with WWE a few months ago, and now he’s out traveling the world as he looks to build his name back up on the independent circuit.

When you’re a professional wrestler your job is to entertain the fans, and win them over, but it sounds like the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion recently had an awkward run in with a few fans.

A Twitter user posted a screenshot of a Facebook status they saw from a fan claiming that they approached Austin Aries and asked for a photo at the airport. According to their side of the story, Aries berated them for not paying for an autograph/photo at the event where he was offering them, and he tried to get them kicked out of a restaurant.

The fan who posted the screenshot noted that he wanted to hear the other side of the story.

Aries responded by saying he was stalked by 3 adults at the airport, and they didn’t buy anything from anyone at the wrestling event they attended, and instead wanted free pictures. He followed up by saying their actions are rude to “REAL” fans.

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