We are all currently awaiting the next film from Jon Bravo where he promises that he will uncover 15 names of WWE stars from the past and present who were customers of accused and convicted steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez.

Bravo said the next installment will be a rather lengthy one and he had to get it checked by his attorney because he’s dealing with a lot of claims in this video. But he wanted to make it very clear that he is in no way targeting WWE, he simply wants to present a fair documentary based on evidence which he has obtained from Rodriguez’s laptop showing records of his customer base.

While keeping interested parties up to date on his Instagram account, Bravo included a couple of slides with some awfully cryptic messages which said, “I am realizing that there is information here that people don’t want me knowing. Where it brings me, I’m not sure but I’m in this & it’s too late to stop now. I owe it to everyone.” Another slideshow-type message said: “no one truly knows what goes on behind the scene when you have information that people don’t want out. I take each day as it comes and I never planned this story I fell into the story, now I have to finish it. God bless.”

It certainly sounds like Bravo has stumbled across some major evidence that some people would rather him not have. Although this could be the plot of a summer blockbuster movie, it looks like this is real life.

To make matters even more interesting, Bravo also included a picture featuring John Cena as part of his Instastory as well. If Big Match John’s name is brought into this situation along with Roman Reigns and so many more, things could get very serious about this developing story.

We will keep you updated as soon as more information comes out but it might be a good idea to be prepared because something big could be on the way.

He also said via another slideshow page on his Instagram story: “There have been a lot of developments with this case as to why the video release was delayed. The video is an extended video which contains the entire story and the key players who introduced Richard to the WWE wrestlers and celebrities. It is very important that this information is released to give people a better understanding of exactly how this all transpired. Releasing just evidence is not enough in understanding the details. Trust me that the wait will be worth it considering the work I have put in to give everyone this story. I am risking a lot in doing this so your patience is appreciated.”

He also said via an Instastory slide, “after going through all the emails and text messages and realizing so much, I talked to Richard into disclosing the entire story of how it all started based on the evidence I had in front of me in his communications to people. There was so much more involved than I even knew. I think everyone needs to know the full story. So again sorry it took me longer but again you will see why.To all the WWE fans, you guys are a passionate group of people and I appreciate all of you.”