Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks have been going at it recently and their feud really kicked off during the elimination match a couple of weeks ago on Raw to determine who would get to face Asuka at TLC. But they continued their feud into this week’s Raw where Sasha Banks defeated Alicia Fox with little issues.

However, The Boss did have issues with Foxy backstage. Alicia Fox approached Banks and gave her very little time to prepare for an assault. Foxy tossed Banks all around the backstage area and was really rough on the former Raw Women’s Champion.

A slew of referees swarmed the situation to stop this unsanctioned beatdown. In the process, Fox shoved a referee and looked very angry about it too. She stormed off in a huff of insane speech and other antics which have become her crazy calling card.

But it turns out it’s not okay for Alicia Fox to assault a WWE official. Almost as soon as Foxy shoved the referee it was announced WWE had fined her for this action. She was also granted a kickoff show match at TLC against Sasha Banks in the process. Therefore we’re not really sure if she learned her lesson.

Bo Dallas has been absent for the past couple of weeks of Raw. It’s interesting to note his real-life brother Bray Wyatt has also missed the past couple weeks of the show. The Eater Of Worlds appeared but it was only via pre-taped segments and this week WWE just aired a replay of Bray’s “Sister Abigail” promo from last week (even though they changed the way his voice sounded for some reason).

The Miz made reference to Dallas each week and last week wished him the best while implying he was sick.

But to add even more speculation to this rumor that something might be happening in the Rotunda Family, JoJo Offerman was also absent from Raw this week. JoJo is Bray Wyatt’s real-life girlfriend and the two were recently the center of a controversy concerning Bray Wyatt’s divorce. For whatever reason, JoJo wasn’t holding down her usual ring announcer duties in Portland.

Let’s hope for the best in this situation and if something is going on we really hope it all turns out okay for Bo, Bray, and the rest of the famous Rotunda wrestling family.

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