Pro wrestlers are often known to frequent their hotel bars after they’ve entertained us by putting their bodies on the line. So it’s no surprise they like to let loose with the small amount of free time that they have. Imagine if their on screen personalities were used as the inspiration for the drinks they ordered and popped down their gullets. Lets set aside reality and hit up the internet bar and order up some WWE inspired real cocktails and drinks.


Dean Ambrose – Boilermaker


Dean Ambrose is an in your face, straight to the point type of guy. Nothing fancy at all but still gets the job done. A Boilermaker is a shot of whisky and a beer. Again, nothing fancy but gets the job done. A couple of Boilermakers and you will have no problem getting any dirty deeds done that need to be done. You’ll wake up next to a potted plant named Mitch with your hair a mess, in last nights jeans and your sleeves will mysteriously be missing from any t-shirt you had on.



Lana – White Russian


A White Russian is a rich and satisfying drink often served after dinner or if you’re the Dude, it’s an any time drink. (Big Lebowski reference) Lana is something most guys would like as an after dinner treat. She’s rich with talent and one can only imagine, very satisfying. The White Russian is served over ice in an old fashioned glass. Lana’s ice cold persona and old fashion female valet antics make this comparison almost too good to be true which if you really believe Rusev would allow Lana to be your after dinner treat, it’s just that…too good to be true.



Tyler Breeze – Sea Breeze


A Sea Breeze is a drink that is mostly consumed during the Summer months by humans of the female persuasion. Vodka with Cranberry and Grapefruit juice, it is a beautiful drink that won’t leave you feeling bloated. Which means it’s perfect so you can get your buzz on and still look good for selfies. One could assume that if any drink would be consumed by the resident WWE narcissist Tyler Breeze, it would be something Fruity and delicious. Breeze exudes confidence so he would have no problem still being his version of masculine while holding this pretty drink.


Bray Wyatt – Dark ‘N’ Stormy


Bray Wyatt just looks like a guy who digs his Rum. The Dark ‘N’ Stormy is dark rum and ginger beer with a lime. The D ‘N’ S is the type of drink that if you consume more than one, you could find yourself seeing the world in a different light. Almost like you have all the answers to all of life’s questions. You could possibly start going on long winded speeches about how you can make the changes in the world that it so desperately needs. If your friends have been drinking the D ‘N’ S along with you, there is no doubt that they will follow your every word and action.


Enzo Amore – Jager Bomb


Redbull and Jager. Seems simple enough but a few of these quick-hitters and you’ll for sure think you’re a Smack-Talker Sky Walker. The caffeine from the Redbull will have you shimmy and shaking all around the bar. Most likely the alcohol will start to give you the confidence to start throwing verbal haymakers at the biggest guys in the room. For your sake, make sure you have a big, strong and bad ass buddy who knows that while you’re off running your mouth that they will have to put an end to any altercation you happen upon. While enjoying a Jager Bomb, be sure to steer clear of any ring ropes or you could find yourself passed out in a bush while three large men wearing Unicorn horns and pink jumpsuits watch on.


Sami Zayn – Dr. Pepper


Here’s a drink for the non-alcohol drinkers out there. Sami Zayn much like Forrest Gump, digs himself Dr. Peppers. Throw down some of this liquid sugar and you’ll either end up skanking down an isle or running for a few months. Soda without alcohol can be fun too. You can pour it in a super soaker and hunt down people jogging or riding bicycles while wearing their “Lance Armstrong” spandex. Make sure it’s a hot day and soak those mofos.