Alberto Del Rio and WWE have reached in agreement in which will see the two not disparage the other party in the future. However last week Del Rio spoke with Wrestle Talk TV and talked about his relationship with WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

“I have no problems or any bad comments about Vince McMahon,” Del Rio said. “He’s a gentleman, he always treated me well. Our relationship was always fantastic.”

Del Rio said that despite his successful career in Japan and Mexico, he jumped at the offer WWE made, but didn’t enjoy the new regime in the company:

“It’s all about politics. The fans complain about this and that but they don’t realize it’s not our choice. We’re just following orders, we don’t control our own destiny even though I spoke about destiny for years and years. They tell you what to to, what to say and how to wrestle, it wasn’t fun anymore,” he said.