aj styles

In January of 2016, AJ Styles got everyone talking when he showed up at the Royal Rumble, because many fans thought they would never see AJ Styles sign a contract with WWE. But as we all know, you can never say never in the professional wrestling business.

One team that many fans think they’ll never see in WWE is The Young Bucks. The Bucks have found a lot of success walking their own path, and they seem to be doing well for themselves without the backing of WWE. PWInsider recently caught up with AJ Styles and he was asked if he thinks The Young Bucks will end up signing WWE contracts. The former WWE Champion gave them five years.

“Oooh man, that is a tough question,” admitted Styles. “For guys who know to do what they do and they’ve got it done before they even get here….so, I would say….oh, that’s a tough question, man….I give them five years, at the most. Within five years. Yeah. That’s my timeline.”

Back in April, The Young Bucks appeared on E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness, and they said “never say never” to a possible WWE run.

“I think from my opinion right now we can’t obviously because we’re under a contract for the the next, what — 18 months or so?” Nick Jackson said. “But I don’t know man it’s such a hard question to answer because… like right now I would say no obviously because I can’t. And we’re having a blast on our own doing it the way we do it. We’re having a good time doing it. But I don’t know, never say never I guess. Because you can’t really say no to that. Because that is the place everyone has ever wanted to wrestle. So I can’t say no. But right as of now we’re happy doing what we’re doing. So like, I don’t know. It’s always going to be a question that lingers like with us. So, I don’t know.”