king maxel

When you’re the parent of a brilliant child like Maxel Hardy you never know what could happen next. One moment you might be strolling along when all of a sudden the spawn of Matt and Reby Hardy could do something to totally blow your mind.

We’ve seen young King Maxel do a lot in his short life already. He sings, dances, philosophizes, and even wrestles. But Reby Hardy didn’t expect the surprise she recently received from her young son.

Out of nowhere like an RKO, Maxel started speaking in French. According to Reby Hardy, Maxel said “bonjour comon sava” which translates to ‘how are you doing?”

Needless to say, when Reby heard this she was in quite a bit of shock. She immediately jumped on Twitter to inform everyone she could about how her son just blew her mind and ordered people to “STFG” or “search the French Google.” We know the F doesn’t stand for “French,” but it worked in this instance.

It wasn’t until some time later Reby realized Maxel had picked up this French phrase by watching Peppa Pig. It turns out children can learn something from television after all. When you watch WWE there is a “do not try this at home” warning but when kids watch Peppa Pig it’s apparently fair game to freak their parents out by speaking another language out of the blue.

So the next time you hear a child blowing your mind with the kind of stuff they’re saying you can usually track it down to their entertainment program of choice. For some kids they run around yelling “I’m not the daddy!” because they watch Maury Povich. But if you’re exceptional like Maxel Hardy, you’re learning other languages during your entertainment programming.