adam rose

It’s not the best time to be a Rosebud, because Leo Krugar aka Adam Rose announced recently he will soon be retiring from professional wrestling. It’s true and to be honest it’s kind of expected because his independent bookings have been sparse for whatever reason. But on the bright side, retiring is as good of a reason as any to learn a new craft.

Adam Rose, shoot name Raymond Leppan, had a ton more success in his native South Africa than he did in WWE, which is a sad fact indeed. His Adam Rose, “party time, all the time” gimmick just didn’t get over and his feud with his Bunny companion was confusing at best. Even though Mattel made a battle pack of Adam Rose and the Bunny, there weren’t too many people who were game to jump aboard the Exotic Express after WWE soured people on it pretty quickly.

Now Raymond is looking forward to his next step in life, he’s sold what relics he had left from his Adam Rose days (including the Bunny suit) and he’s venturing off into a new frontier. The only question we have is what is he planning to do next exactly?

Well, if the tweet below is any indication, he’s exploring the options of becoming a tattoo artist. Leppan currently lives in Florida and he is looking for an occupational transition, so it would only stand to reason he might want to start applying some permanent ink soon. We just wonder if he’s willing to do Bunny tattoos.