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As I have written about in prior posts for Still Real To Us, wrestling podcasts are often more entertaining than the weekly television we have access to. But not all wrestling fans know what a podcast is; many wrongly believe that the WWE Network’s recurring Stone Cold Podcast is an example of such.

In turn, here are five recent podcast episodes from this month that are worthy of your time and attention:

MLW Radio: Episode 283 – The flagship show of the MLW network does not have a set schedule, but it is MLW’s longest-running podcast. On this edition, Mister Saint Laurent talks with Rich Bocchini, who WWE fans ought to remember as announcer Rich Brennan. Bocchini is very candid about his time with WWE without coming across as bitter or jaded. He offers a lot of insight into how things work in NXT and behind-the-scenes in general. Hearing Bocchini speak out of character, it is made clear that WWE is missing out in not holding onto him as a top announcer.

Prime Time With “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & Sean Mooney – Episode 1: Tough Guys And Bowties – Speaking of MLW, the network’s newest podcast stars “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and former WWE broadcaster Sean Mooney. The two may not have worked together in over two decades, but Duggan and Mooney are two of the people that easily come to mind when I think about old episodes of Superstars and Wrestling Challenge. Duggan is an excellent storyteller while Mooney has retained the compelling speaking voice and charisma that helped sell WWE house shows for years. The show’s format has not yet been determined, but this certainly will be a show to keep track of.

Keepin It 100 With Konnan: Ep 49 – Almost 50 episodes in, Keepin It 100 is unlike any other podcast. It covers both wrestling and non-wrestling topics with a mix of wrestling and non-wrestling personalities, as cut up into a variety of recurring segments. After listening to an episode of the show — which usually runs close to three hours — you will feel like you know more about a variety of fields, including politics, music and sports. On top of that, the show refreshingly offers up political incorrectness in an era when most public figures are afraid to speak their minds.

Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard – Episode 50: Austin Walks OutSomething To Wrestle is in a class of its own in the wrestling podcast world. It offers stories and insight, thanks to Bruce Prichard, that other podcasts don’t have access to. It is also full of great impressions, also thanks to Mr. Prichard, and on-going bits, much like how The Howard Stern Show was at its peak. Co-host Conrad Thompson asks the questions that long-time fans would want to know, and in the case of this particular episode, we learn what exactly led “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to leave the WWE while under contract in 2002.

Still Real Radio: Roxy Astor And Sunny From GLOW Talk AfterGLOW, Jeff Timmons From 98 Degrees Appears – Not all readers of Still Real To Us realize that the website has a podcast. Still Real Radio attracts some great talent — recent episodes have included Gregory Shane Helms and Jack Swagger — along with recaps of wrestling headlines. Within the interview with Helms, the hosts got the former Hurricane to open up about Randy Orton and the recent “dive” controversy, leading to discussion of the sequence of moves that Orton could do in a match to win everyone over. Ultimately, the show resembles what you and your friends sound like when talking about WWE, only more concise and with better voices for broadcasting.