WWE has had some scary gimmicks over the years.

There are quite a few wrestlers that might haunt your dreams.

Let’s take a look at some of the scariest superstars WWE has ever had.


5. Papa Shango



Voodoo in general freaks me out. When the person practicing voodoo happens to be 6 feet 6 inches and over 300 pounds it adds another element of scary. The white painted face, bone necklace and smoking skull on a stick is a freaky appearance which alone could strike fear in his opponents. In the ring he was more than capable of going toe to toe with the main eventers. The freakiest thing Papa Shango did in his short run was possess the Ultimate Warrior. I didn’t sleep very well that night as I kept replaying the Warrior spitting up bile and having convulsions on the ground. Papa Shango is one freaky pimp.



4. Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family


The Wyatt Family NXT

The vignettes that started months before their actual debut was some of the WWE’s best work. Creepy, intriguing and enticing are all words you can use to describe the Wyatt Family. Bray Wyatt has the calm confidence and intellect to captivate an audience. The way he talks and the subjects he preaches about are so twisted and confusing that it elicits fear. The rocking chair and spooky vibe from the lantern add to the aura of the cult leader known as the “Eater of Worlds.”  Luke Harper and Erick Rowan’s sheer size alone would frighten most but their scariest trait is the aggression they bring to the ring. Oh, and the creepy ass sheep mask. Fear the beards and follow the buzzards…but bring a flashlight just in case Bray’s lantern runs out.





The deranged boiler room dwelling superstar known as Mankind left his mark on the WWE universe. He seemed to garner much enjoyment when he would use his mandible claw to seemingly put his opponents out of their misery. His music and walk were some of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. Like a loose mental patient he wreaked havoc on the WWE. His promos and work with Paul Bearer shot Mankind to the main event and his threshold for pain was off the charts. Almost any wrestling fan can remember when Mankind was thrown from the top of the cell but much like most movie villains it would take a lot more to keep Mankind down.






The devil’s favorite demon is a character straight out of a horror film. When he debuted at Bad Blood in 1997 wrestling fans everywhere knew they were seeing a new kind of force in the WWE. Kane ripped the door off the cell and in the process scared the bejesus out of the wrestling community. Kane’s sadistic reign in WWE has included lighting Jim Ross on fire, burying Undertaker, and tombstoning Linda McMahon. The way Paul Bearer used to say Kane’s name makes Vickie Guerrero’s “EXCUSE ME” sound like wind chimes. When the pyro goes off on the four corners of the ring it sends a shock throughout the crowd. His size and Michael Myers like walk all adds up to one creepy ass dude.



1. The Undertaker


He is The Undertaker otherwise known as The Deadman. Not only does his entrance send shivers down your spine but it will haunt your dreams. The Undertaker has been one of the scariest WWE superstars to ever enter the squared circle. He has introduced us to matches such as the casket match, buried alive match and of course hell in a cell. The fact that he’s a dead guy is just downright creepy. His cold appearance and demonic promos are legendary. The Lord of Darkness is almost indestructible and it takes a super human effort to defeat him which doesn’t happen often. Nobody will ever be able to duplicate the downright frightening feeling you get when the gong hits, the fog fills the arena, the lights turn purple and you see the figure of one of the greatest superstars of all time….The Undertaker.