Tammy Lynn Sytch who is better known to wrestling fans as Sunny is currently experiencing some health issues. She is not completely clear of HPV and it has apparently developed into cervical cancer. Sunny remains optimistic and posted this message on Facebook earlier.

“I’ve been sad, depressed, angry, confused, bitter, in denial, upset since Monday when I got the bad news from my oncologist … But this morning, I thought to myself, I’m the toughest, strongest, most resilient bitch I know (I blame that on being a Russian and a sagittarius) so I’m gonna do what I do best when something stands I’m my way…. I’m gonna beat the shit out of then choke out Cancer once and for all! And if ANYONE OR ANYTHING tries to stand in my way, I’ll take you out right along with it! Just try me, biatch! You have NO IDEA who you’re dealing with!! I WILL SURVIVE!!!”