We’re only a few short weeks away from Money in the Bank and since the title is vacant at the moment no matter who walks out with the belt we’re guaranteed a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. There are going to be a lot of eyes watching this event and WWE has the chance to get a lot of people talking about the product depending on who they choose to crown their next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Bray Wyatt is without a doubt ready for this opportunity and here are 5 reasons why we feel he should walk out with the belt.


#5 – He Has The Advantage


Most of the appeal when it comes to Bray Wyatt has very little to do with his in ring ability. That’s not to say his matches aren’t good by any means whatsoever but it’s his character that draws you in. With that being said thanks to Harper and Rowan, Bray has the advantage in most of his matches.

Wherever Bray goes Harper and Rowan are sure to follow. It’s not hard to believe that Harper and Rowan could help Bray Wyatt win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As a matter of fact it seems pretty likely to happen.


#4 – It Would Fit WWE’s Current Direction

The Wyatt Family NXT

Ever since WrestleMania XXX WWE has made it clear that that they’re serious about building new stars. WWE has a golden opportunity to build a new star at Money in the Bank and no one is more ready for the big time than Bray Wyatt. WWE has made major progress in the past few months but putting the belt on someone who’s already established could be a big step backwards.


#3 – It Would Get People Talking


No one is going to bat an eyelash if Randy Orton or John Cena walks out with the belt. We’ve been there before and we’ve seen it already. With that being said, Bray Wyatt winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship would get a lot of people talking simply based on shock factor alone. The wrestling community would certainly be intrigued and although it remains to be seen how well a Bray Wyatt title run would work in the long run, people would be tuning in to see what’s next.


#2 – It Makes Sense In Regards To His Mission


Ever since The Wyatt Family debuted on the main roster they’ve been on a mission to recruit followers and make people listen to their message. Who on Earth would be able to ignore Bray’s message if he was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? He who holds the belt holds the power and Bray certainly wants all the power he can get.


#1 – He Has Starpower


Is Bray Wyatt a heel? Is he a babyface? Does anyone really care at this point? Bray Wyatt seems to be walking the line right now where no one really knows if they’re supposed to cheer for him but they’re doing it anyway. His presence is captivating and he has an abundance of charisma.

All around the world people are letting Bray know that he does indeed have the whole world in the palm of his hand because we’re hanging on every word he says. There’s just something about the way he speaks that makes people want to listen and the WWE needs a champion that people want to tune in for. Bray could very well be that champion.