When being a Superstar you need to have all the tools.

One of those tools is the “look” and that often includes hair.

For these Superstars though, hair or no hair they made it and they made it look awfully awesome.


5. Chris Jericho



The owner of 30 championships throughout his tenure in WWE, WCW, and ECW. The owner of a record 9 time Intercontinental Championships. The owner of the title “First Ever Undisputed Champion” and the owner of an awfully awesome haircut, Chris “Y2J” Jericho has rocked many awesome hair styles but this one is by far my personal favorite. He looks like a Cameron Diaz extra from “Something About Mary”. It’s pretty much a well known fact that Y2J could really care less what anyone thinks and this bedhead hair is proof.  The grand slam champion can add another accolade to his already impressive collection, the number 5 slot on this list.


4. Paul Heyman



Loud, obnoxious, brash, unpleasant, offensive, loathsome, foul, despicable, and vile are all traits of these rockin follicles. Also, the same could be said about the owner of this skullet. The creative force behind ECW has without a doubt left his mark in the Pro Wrestling Community and now’s his time to shine on our list much like the house lights shine off his chrome dome. Don’t be fooled though, he’s business in the front but Steven Seagal in the back. His greasy ponytail screams “used car salesman” which is basically the kind of character he is in the WWE. Paul E. tells people exactly what they want to hear all the while with his fingers crossed behind his back . He now proclaims that he is the Best In The World…but you Mr. Heyman are only 4th best on our list.


3.  The Undertaker




The DeadMan much like most of the roster during this time rocked the Mullet. I was terified of him when he debuted not because of his creepy music or disturbing character but mostly because of that incredible mane he had. Some people will remember him for his 8 world championship reigns, others will remember him for his unrivaled Wrestlemania undefeated streak. Some fans might remember him for being the first man to enter a Royal Rumble last and come out victorious or you might remember the Lord of Darkness as the man who tossed Mick Foley off the top of the cell. Me…I will always remember this living legend, this Icon, this future Hall of Famer for his glorious red mullet. Here’s to this great look… but may it REST IN PEACE.


2. Mark Henry




This 6 foot 4 inch powerlifting Olympian is one bad mother trucker. Mark Henry was trained by Stu and Bret Hart in their famous dungeon.], so it is safe to say that he knows the art of professional wrestling. One thing he seems to be oblivious to is his ever expanding forehead. Let me give credit where credit is due however. Some men struggle when they attempt the comb-over but Mark Henry makes it his bitch. How do you make a comb-over look dope you ask? Simple. Braid up the few strings of hair you got left of course! Mark Henry already holds a silver medal so one more won’t hurt. Congrats on being runner-up Sexual Chocolate!


1. Tyson Kidd




The final graduate of the Hart dungeon, Tyson Kidd. Hey, sometimes when I shave I miss a spot too but when I do, you won’t see me grab some gel and spike that shizzy. Out of all the weird stuff you can do to stand out, I for one am glad he chose this way because we really needed a number 1 for our list and I didn’t want it to be Hulk Hogan. I really don’t know what this guy was thinking with this. It looks like his uni-brow decided to migrate north. It appears to be a misplaced happy trail that leads to nowhere. The cool part about this is that I bet if humans had antennas they would probably look like this. Tyson we here at SRTU approve your most messed up sideways mini mohawk.