WWE toured throughout Europe for the past could of weeks and it looks like they’ve had a pretty successful journey. Every international trip is bound to include some mishaps and unexpected moments and that apparently includes Shelton Benjamin’s entrance music.

Since being placed in a tag team with Chad Gable, Benjamin used a different entrance music. But since Chad Gable was separated from Benjamin thanks to the Superstar Shake-Up it looks like Benjamin is going have another run as a singles star.

In quite a surprise, Shelton Benjamin was using his old-school “Ain’t No Stopping Me” music. It’s a throwback of sorts and popped the crowd big because they knew that music and realized how music Benjamin can do.

It’s strange that even if someone is around and having great matches all it takes is for the fans to hear an entrance song they remember and their minds automatically go back to all the fantastic spots Shelton Benjamin was a part of when he used his old theme.

This was a nice surprise and hopefully, he will start using this classic theme song on SmackDown Live soon enough because it’s certainly an adrenaline pumping anthem that really gets the crowd going in a big way.

The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne doesn’t mess around. He captured the WWE United Kingdom Championship at NXT TakeOver: Chicago in 2017 and today he celebrates one year with his title.

After winning one of the best WWE matches of 2017 against Tyler Bate, Dunne has been unstoppable as champion. Now WWE arranged another United Kingdom Championship Tournament just to determine who can face him next.

Dunne recently tweeted out a message to celebrate this milestone in his career because it’s been one year since he captured the WWE United Kingdom Championship. True, he’s defended his title fewer times than Brock Lesnar has put his Universal Champion on the line but that’s only because WWE doesn’t give him the spotlight he deserves.

Perhaps we will soon get Pete Dunne on a weekly basis if WWE finally pulls the trigger on a United Kingdom television show on the WWE Network. But until that happens we’ll just have to enjoy the Bruiserweight whenever we can.

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