royal rumble

The Greatest Royal Rumble is coming at us soon and it it will only be a matter of time before those interested in seeing it live in the Eastern Time Zone will be tuning in at noon on Friday, April 27th to see it all go down.

Along with the huge 50-man Greatest Royal Rumble match, we’re getting a boatload of title matches, and who knows where those titles could be with the Superstar Shake-Up?

There was also a Casket Match scheduled between Rusev and The Undertaker and then Chris Jericho was switched out for the Lion Of Bulgaria. But after Lana changed her mind it looks like Rusev is back in so he will face The Undertaker as initially planned. This is very strange considering the fact I just spoke to Chris Jericho and he talked about his upcoming match and how excited he was about it.

But one thing that we do know for sure is what the participants in the 50-man Greatest Royal Rumble will be battling for. WWE’s Spanish language Twitter account tweeted out a picture hyping the event with everyone in the match surrounding a trophy.

The trophy is nice but it is going to present a real problem with whoever wins it because that thing could be pretty expensive to check at the airport coming back from Saudi Arabia.

This makes sense because WWE loves trophies but a title shot would have been much nicer. It also might be nice to think that this trophy won’t be eventually smashed into a million pieces but odds are that is its destiny if WWE History has told us anything about trophies.

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