john cena

WWE is a massive company and their public profile goes a very long way in regards to how much money they end up making. Long story short, people are more likely to give money to a product and be attracted to the idea of fake fighting if it’s surrounded by ideas that are easier to digest.

A lot of rumors are flying around since John Cena and Nikki Bella called it quits. But the important part to remember is that we’re talking about actual people here and real people are flawed by nature.

Therefore, if John Cena is already playing the field like Brad Shepard of suggested then that should be totally fine because he’s an adult who is now single and free to do so. But to make matters even messier, Shepard also reported a “Hollywood insider” told him Cena is apparently hooking up with a reality television star thought to be a cast member on Total Divas.

Following Shepard’s report, some outlets published rumor killers claiming a source in WWE said this was “total BS” and other magazines such as People and US Weekly have run their own stories to contradict Shepard’s report. But in the end, all of these stories against the initial report seemed to muddy the waters a bit in regards to what is really believable.

According to Shepard, WWE is putting out fake reports with the sole intention of swerving fans, diverting attention, and possibly covering up a much larger story.

This tactic is nothing new and has been historically implemented in all forms of entertainment, politics, and business. Interestingly enough WWE is one big mixture of all parts entertainment, politics, and business so it might stand to reason they could use this same strategy to tell a story fitting to match their preferred version of any narrative.

We will just have to wait and see if some tell-all interview eventually clears everything up.