This may sound like a ridiculous theory, but it’s a pretty interesting one to consider. Roman Reigns defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 and seemingly retired The Dead Man. However it has been repeated many times “there will always be an Undertaker.” But, that never meant The Undertaker would always be played by Mark Calaway. After all, they’ve had an “UnderFaker” before.

Roman Reigns was absolutely demolished on Raw by Braun Strowman and it was an awesome angle. Braun jumped Roman backstage during an interview with Michael Cole just as he was talking about how he’s the “Big Dog.”

Braun Strowman beat Roman Reigns nearly to death and smashed his head with a piece of heavy rolling equipment. When paramedics put Reigns on a stretcher, Braun attacked him again by launching the stretcher off of the loading dock onto the cement below. But, Braun wasn’t done yet because he followed that up by tipping over the ambulance they put Roman in.

WWE played it off very well on television and made it seem like a serious situation. They said Roman suffered a possible separated shoulder, cracked ribs, and a few other internal injuries from the attack. It’s been said Roman Reigns is being positioned to become the new face of WWE by taking on a huge spot on the roster as a top babyface for years to come to parallel even an Undertaker-like role. But some are saying Roman could be literally made into the next Undertaker.

After all, it didn’t even take an attack that brutal to turn Matt Hardy into “Broken Matt” back in TNA. Therefore, some are theorizing WWE might actually turn Roman Reigns into The Undertaker in a desperate attempt to get him over. It’s all speculation but if WWE really tried that, it probably wouldn’t end well. That’s just our two-cents.

Of course, Roman Reigns is booked to work house shows this weekend and he’s already gotten retribution against Braun Strowman. So it doesn’t look like he’ll be out of action for long. Fingers crossed they don’t go the direction of Roman becoming The Undertaker though. But nothing can ever really be ruled out in WWE.