money in the bank

WWE’s Money In The Bank is finally here and the fans in St Louis weren’t the only people excited to see what would happen in SmackDown Live’s ranks. The Money In The Bank event has positioned itself to be one of the most important events on WWE’s yearly calendar but only time would tell how history would be changed in St Louis.

There were a couple title matches but the most intriguing parts of the card were the two Money In The Bank ladder matches. Legends were expected to be in attendance and unpredictability seemed to be around every corner.

There were rumors of possible surprise appearances as well. But regardless who shows up St Louis is going to be popping.

Let’s get right to it where all WWE PPVs start: the kickoff show.

Kickoff Show

The Hype Bros vs The Colons

The Hype Bros are back and it was a wonderful moment when Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley reunited. True bromance at its finest because we don’t get hyped we stay hyped, you know it bro.

Zack Ryder is back though and it was great to see him back and ready for action. Mr Woo Woo Woo started off the match for his team and got the ring rust off quickly nailed a dropkick. The Colon used their cohesiveness to get the upper hand on Mojo after Rawley got the tag.

Mojo took a chop on the corner from Primo but he no sold it, as the cops continues he hulked up and started running in place. “He ain’t hyped!”

Epico took a powerslam from Mojo and Ryder got the tag. Zack was going for the Broski Boot, but he got distracted by the other Colon. Epico took out Ryder’s left knee and took control back with the underhanded tactic.

No matter how much damage Zack Ryder took, they still couldn’t keep him down. The Colons cut the ring in half and wouldn’t let Zack get to Mojo. Epico pinned him in the corner until Zack jumped on the top rope. Epico just pulled Ryder to the mat for a flat back bump. 1-2-kickout!

Ryder looked hurt and kept taking damage as he just laid on the mat and let The Colons beat on him. Ryder ignored the fact he kept taking damage to his freshly repaired knee and kept kicking out.

Zack hit a desperation neck breaker and crawled toward his partner. Each team got the tag and Mojo Rawley came in more than hyped. He took out Primo with a splash to the corner and hit a Hyper Drive. 1-2- and Epico broke up the pin.

Zack Ryder got the tag and they hit their double team Hype Ryder for the win. The Hype Bros are back and already winning matches. Awesome.

Natalya vs Carmella vs Charlotte Flair vs Tamina Snuka vs Becky Lynch (Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match)

There was no pyro to start off the show. It might have had something to do with the fact that the entrance was covered in ladders and they didn’t want any fiery explosions.

As soon as Charlotte’s music hit the crowd popped hard not only because The Nature Girl was making her way to the ring, but the first-ever Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match was about to start. Becky got a great pop too from her passionate fans. he things about Lynch is she might not have as many fans as Charlotte, but they’re intensely into The Lass Kicker.

Tamina got almost no reaction for her entrance. It is a shame she’s viewed as almost a placeholder but she was set to change some apathetic opinions in St Louis. Carmella got a pretty good reaction and wore what looked like money covered pants and top. With her valet James Ellsworth by her side she moonwalked and skipped her way to the ring.

Natalya received a good showing of respect and she looked focused in her dominatrix-inspired ring gear complete with her hair done up to look like kitty ears.

For some reason they cut the action of the entrances to play a promo package. It didn’t seem to flow well with things and it kind of felt like they forgot to play it before people started coming down so they just crammed it in before the match started.

The bell rang and each lady stood looking up at the briefcase. Then four of them slid outside the ring to get ladders leaving Tamina in the ring. Snuka kicked everyone trying to come in with ladders and even tossed a ladder through Becky Lynch.

With Tamnia in the ring by herself she picked up a ladder and started to set it up. Charlotte came in and stopped her and Nattie came in and took Tamina out with a Discus Clothesline. Becky came in and took some abuse from Tamina, and Carmella took a Samoan Drop from Snuka too.

Tamnia was looking tough as she threw down a ladder to superkick Nattie in the face. Tamina wedged a ladder in between the roped in the corner and brought Nattie’s face up into the ladder. She hit Becky and then smashed her with a ladder.

Charlotte ran in and took out Tamina then grabbed the ladder over Nattie. She used the ladder against Tamina, then Nattie sent Char Char out of the ring. Becky Lynch blasted the ladder into Tamina with a kick and then Becky and Nattie fought over a ladder and started a “ladder tug-o-war.” Then sent the ladder into Tamina and sent the Samoan down. Becky sent Nattie down and ran to knock Carm off the apron.

Nattie slammed Becky off the ladder and that looked like it hurt. Nattie took a second before grabbing a ladder and setting it up. Natalya squared the ladder up and started to climb. She touched the briefcase, but Charlotte ran up to stop her. Nattie kept kicking Charlotte off until Flair grabbed her and hit an electric chair drop.

Charlotte repositioned the ladder and started to climb herself. Carmella jumped in the ring and knocked Flair down. As Charlotte fell she hung her leg in the ladder leaving her helpless. Carmella climbed the other side of the ladder but just as she was about to get to the briefcase Charlotte got free and climbed up to stop her.

The two fought for position for a bit until Tamina ran in and tripped the ladder over sending Charlotte and Carmella falling to the top rope. Nattie came in with a ladder and hit Tamina really hard.

“This is awesome” chants rang out in the crowd as Becky ran in but ended up in a sharpshooter from Nattie. Carmella broke up the submission hold and started beating down Nattie. Charlotte ran in and bested Carmella but Nattie hit The Nature Girl with a butterfly suplex for her troubles.

Becky kicked Nattie off of a ladder in the corner and that looked mighty stiff.

Becky set the ladder up and started to climb but Carmella stopped her and sent The Lass Kicker into the ladder in the corner. Carmella hit Becky with a move using the ladder as her tool and positioned the ladder to start her fabulous climb to the briefcase.

Charlotte ripped her off the ladder and hit a big boot to the Princess Of Staten Island’s face. Charlotte started to climb the ladder to the briefcase but was stopped by Tamina. The two fought for position until Tamnia hit a big headbutt that sent them both to the mat.

The crowd applauded the match so far as Charlotte charged at Tamina and tackled her out of the ring. Then Charlotte speared Tamina through the ring steps at ringside. Charlotte climbed to the top rope and hit a twisting dive on Tamina and Natalya on the floor.

“Holy sh-t” chants started to ring out as the women recollected themselves a bit. But they didn’t get to rest for long as Carmella propped her ladder up in position and started to climb.

Becky Lynch plucked Carm off the ladder and hit a tough looking powerbomb. Lynch started to climb the ladder as James Ellsworth entered the ring and tipped over the ladder sending The Lass Kicker plummeting to the mat.

Ellsworth started to wake Carmella up form her powerbomb, but looked up at the briefcase. James Ellsworth climbed to the top of the ladder and in a sea of boos he unsnapped the first-ever Women’s Money In The Bank briefcase and tossed it down to Carmella.

Carm’s face started to crack and she became emotional as she clung onto her briefcase. The bell rang and the refs at ringside were like a bunch of chickens clucking in a circle. James Ellsworth just walked over to the microphone and announces Carmella as the first-ever Ms Money In The Bank.

As Carmella and James Ellsworth celebrated while they walked up the entrance ramp the entire crowd looked on in disbelief. If this where the WWE Women’s Revolution ended up? With a man getting the briefcase and tossing it down to the winner?

Regardless of that, we have a Ms Money In The Bank and she’s fabulous. Every woman involved in the match looked rather pissed while they watched these events unfold in front of them.

The Usos vs The New Day (SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

It’s time for The New Day to establish themselves as a relevant tag team once again. Kofi started off with some quick offense but soon found himself in The Usos corner taking a beating. Jey Uso hit him with a stiff shot and a powerslam.

Kofi dodged another move and ended up on the outside. He hit Jey with a nice shot and got the tag off to Big E. Jey got slashed on from the apron by E and Kofi got the tag again.

The New Day tried to keep the pressure up on The Usos until Kingston had the top rope got pulled down on him and he went falling wildly to the floor. Jimmy took Kofi’s head off with a clothesline on the outside and was thrown back in the ring already damaged.

The Usos kept up the damage on Kingston and sent him back out to the floor. The SmackDown Tag Team Champions suplexed Kofi against the ring post and sent him crashing to the thin mat outside.

Jimmy applied a headlock to Kofi once they got to the inside and didn’t want o let it go. Kofi tried to fight back, but he got hammered back down to the mat for his troubles. Jey got the tag and hit Kingston with a top rope elbow smash while his brother held him.

Kofi tried to get up on the apron but kept getting hit back down. Kingston finally blocked Jimmy’s shot and tried a sunset flip pin, but Jey held his legs and sent him to the outside again. The Usos kept picking apart at Kofi for a bit as the crowd started clapping and chanting “New Day rocks.”

Kofi hit a move out of nowhere but couldn’t quite make it to his corner. He finally made it to Big E and he started taking it to Jey. He hit two belly-to-belly suplexes but ate a couple of kicks when he went for a splash. Big E reversed a move to slam Jey to the mat for a two count.

Big E got the crowd clapping for them once again and set up the Big Ending. Jimmy reversed out of it and ended up on the apron. Kofi got the tag, but Big E speared Jimmy to the floor.

Kofi tried to take on The Usos, but they overpowered him and hit the back of his left knee with a kick and applied a half crab. As Kofi fought to get free Jimmy knocked Big E off the apron. Jimmy went for a suicide dive, but Big E caught him and suplexed him on the outside. Jey jumped back in the ring but got caught by a choke hold from Kofi.

Kingston hit the SOS — 1-2-kick out!

Kofi hit a splash to the corner but Jey caught him with a kick and climbed to the top rope. Big E got the blind tag and hit him with the Big Ending. 1-2-and the pin was broken up. It didn’t look like he got there in time. That was close.

Xavier Woods got on the apron to play a song on his trombone and the distraction resulted in a two count. Both Usos were tossed outside by Big E and Kofi hit them both with a splash.

Jey was thrown inside and they hit the Midnight Hour. 1-2-and Jimmy pulled Jey out of the ring.

The referee started to count as the Usos walked over to their belts and just decided not to fight anymore. The bell rang and a sea of boos filled the arena. The New Day won the match via count out, but The Usos are still the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Naomi vs Lana (SmackDown Women’s Championship Match)

If Daniel Bryan is going to address the Women’s Money In The Bank match as the first thing on SmackDown Live next week if Carmella is smart she should consider just cashing in her briefcase tonight before Bryan has a chance to take it from her.

Each competitor had individual introductions and it had a big match feel to it. Naomi was clearly the more over of the two but Lana had her pocket of backers in the crowd. Overall there were more people rooting for The Glow.

Naomi took Lana to the corner and immediately started hitting her with punches while the ref tried to pull her off. Lana threw her down and then smashed Naomi’s head to the mat a couple of time.

Naomi got back to her feet and returned the favor. She sent Lana’s head into the middle turnbuckle with a bulldog but missed with a cross-body as the Ravishing Russian was able to move out of the way.

The Glow got on the apron and Lana caught her leg while trying for a kick and brought it down over the top rope. Lana kicked Naomi to the outside and went out to apply some more damage.

Lana tossed Naomi back in the ring and got a two count. Then she got The Glow in a submission hold and didn’t let go until she just smashed Naomi’s head against the mat. Lana suplexed Naomi into the bottom rope. Not sure if she did that on purpose, but it worked. Then Lana repeated the process on The Glow to prove it wasn’t an accident. Lana kept working both legs to weaken those kicks from Naomi. Overall that was a pretty solid strategy.

Lana kept working on Naomi’s legs and started bending and torqueing on Naomi’s knee the best she could. But The Glow wrapped Lana up in a cross armbreaker for a second before Lana fought to get free.

They both got up to their feet at the same time and Lana ate an elbow and a kick. Then Naomi kicked her in the side of the face and held onto Lana to hit her two more times with stiff kicks.

“It’s Glow time!” Naomi yelled and then she hit a Rearview for a two count. Lana rolled out of the ring and when Naomi leaned out to get her, Lana kicked her in the head.

Naomi was doing her best to sell as Lana hit her with a Sit-down Spinebuster for the two count. Suddenly Carmella’s music hit when the match was still going on. Carm came down to the ring with her white briefcase in tow and teased cashing it in and at the last minute she decided not to.

Lana pinned Naomi really quickly for a one count. Lana mounted Naomi and hammered down on her while Carmella smiled and waved from ringside. Naomi locked Lana in a submission hold and Lana gave up.

While Naomi celebrated Carmella just stood at ringside and held up her briefcase. She acted like she was going to hand her briefcase to a ref to cash in her contract but decided not to once again.

While Naomi celebrated her victory, Carmella walked up the ramp looking very confident holding her briefcase full of dreams.

Fashion Files Segment

Money In The Bank got a real treat with a Miami Vice-inspired Fashion Files segment. Breezango delivered some nice one-liners and eventually got a VHS tape. Apparently whoever Breezango has been looking for will meet them in the ring tonight.

Mike and Maria Kanellis Debut

Some strange music started playing and hearts filled the entrance ramp. Suddenly Mike and Maria Kanellis walked out to a thunderous ovation. Maria said for the last seven years she’s been looking for the perfect partner and Mike said she found him.

They’re going for a love gimmick and everybody hates love so naturally these two will be great heels. The married couple kissed on the entrance ramp as their music played. When they came back to the announce table JBL brought up the fact that Mike took her last name.

Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship Match)

The promo for this match not only convinced us that Jinder is a super babyface in India, but also since this match is going on second-to-last that the MITB ladder match would play no part in this match’s ending. Mahal says the sun has risen on a new era of the Modern Day Maharaja.

Before the match started the legends at ringside were announced. Cowboy Bob Orton and Ric Flair received the most cheers by far but each legend received a ton of respect from the St Louis crowd. JBL wished Harley Race a speedy recovery saying he would have been there I not for his recent accident.

Jinder Mahal came out with a warface on. With the Singh Brothers by his side, Mahal held his title up high. The crowd gave him immediate heat and he looked great to be honest.

Suddenly through all the chants in St Louis one song broke the chaos. “I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand. They talk to me” Everyone went crazy for their hometown Viper.

“RKO” chants were thick before the bell and as soon as it rang Randy took the pain to Mahal in the corner. He shot Jinder off the roped and tried for an RKO right out of the gate. Mahal sensed the danger and rolled out of the ring.

While Mahal and The Singh Brothers collected themselves outside the ring Randy stood ready to take the pain to Jinder. Mahal rolled in the ring and was immediately met with punches from The Viper.

Randy hit a couple more strikes and Mahal found himself on the mat. He sent Jinder to the outside and looked on. Orton hit a stiff clothesline on Jinder and picked him back up to smash ins head off the announce table.

Randy looked like he was going to hit his suspended DDT through the ropes but the Singh Brothers distracted him and gave Jinder the opportunity to launch him to the outside. It looked like Randy tweaked his knee a little bit when he landed on the outside.

As Randy sold a weakened knee, Jinder took advantage of it and hit him with a chopblock to the left knee. Mahal kept up the assault on Randy on the outside and launched him shoulder first into the steel stairs.

The Modern Day Maharaja tossed Orton back in the ring and Randy tried to create some space. Jinder wrapped Randy’s knee around the middle rope and started to pull at the Viper’s leg. While the ref counted to five Mahal kept delivering all the pain he legally could.

Randy rolled outside and kicked Mahal when he came around to get him. Orton suplexed Mahal spine-first onto the barricade right in front of the legends at ringside and Jinder fell right in their laps. Jinder didn’t let the legends sway him through and he jumped back over.

The two fought at the announce table and Jinder suplexed Randy against the announce table twice before returning to the ring. Mahal immediately slapped on a submission hold on Randy’s knee when they got back in the ring to further ground Orton.

Randy blocked a punch and started to hit Jinder. He shot Mahal off the ropes but it was reversed. Jinder bent down for a backdrop but was kicked in the face. Orton hit a fallaway slam and Mahal rolled out of the ring once again.

When Randy was going outside Mahal blindsided him and drove Orton’s left knee into the barricade. When the two returned to the ring Mahal ducked out of an RKO attempt and kept applying focus to Orton’s knee.

Jinder would not be hindered as he kept Orton down in the middle of the ring. Mahal hit a knee drop on Randy and then locked in a figure four right in front of Ric Flair who sat with the legends at ringside.

Orton sold the figure four and fought through the pain the best he could. He finally reversed the pressure on Mahal and Jinder stayed locked in the reversal for a little bit before getting to the bottom rope to break up the hold.

Mahal sprung back up and started raining down fists on Orton. He hit his knee with another move and tried to lock in another figure four leglock. Randy blocked this second attempt at Ric Flair’s hold and rolled Jinder up for a two count.

Randy got up but was sent right back down by Mahal. Jinder was looking very powerful here. He placed Randy on the top rope and climbed up to join him. Mahal looked like he was going for a superplex after he pointed at “Cowboy” Bob Orton. Randy fought back with a headbutt and dodged a splash from Jinder.

Then Randy put Jinder on the top rope and climbed up to pound on his back. Orton his a superplex, the same move his father made famous according to JBL. 1-2-kick out!

Randy and Jinder traded shots in the ring until Orton hit a big uppercut that was countered with a kick from Mahal. Jinder ran to Orton but was taken down with a stiff clothesline. Randy hit Mahal with a snap powerslam and positioned Mahal for a suspended DDT through the ropes. Randy took a second longer than he needed to but still nailed the DDT on Jinder.

Orton got to his feet and prepared for an RKO. He looked to his hometown crowd for support and then went to his belly and prepared to strike. Mahal jumped up and was hit with an RKO. 1-2- and one of the Singh Brothers put Mahal’s foot over the bottom rope to break up the count.

The ref had some question about the legitimacy of Mahal’s foot over the rope and kicked the Singh Brothers out sending them to the back. The Singh Brothers took their time and stood in front of the legends.

They whispered in each others’ ear for a second and returned to get in the legends’ faces. Finally they got to Bob Orton and they grabbed him. Randy jumped them from behind and sent them into the timekeeper’s area and into the barricade. As Orton dragged one of the Singh Brothers to the announce table and sent him flying into it the ref tried to get him to return to the ring.

Randy put the other Singh Brother on the announce table and hit another move. Then Randy climbed on top of the announce table and waited for him to get up. Randy hit an RKO through the announce table on him while Jinder recuperated on the inside.

As soon as Randy Orton got back in the ring Mahal hit the Khallas. 1-2-3 and Jinder Mahal retained his WWE Championship clean on Father’s Day right in front of Randy’s dad in his hometown.

Breezango vs The Ascension (Bonus Match)

This match wasn’t planned but since MITB was limited when it came to card depth this was a last-minute addition. Breezango have been hot on the trail to figure out who destroyed their office a few weeks ago and they finally found out at Money In The Bank.

Tyler took it to the painted Ascension early on and things broke down with Breezango sending them down. Breeze took a knee to the head from Konnor for a two count.

Breeze sells like a young Shawn Michaels and he makes everything done to him look so good. It’s a shame he’s not a huge singles star, but good things come to those who hold together C-Story lines. The same goes for Fandango too.

No matter how much abuse Tyler Breeze took, Prince Pretty kept kicking out. There was no room for costume changes or cheap pops in this one because it was a legit wrestling match.

Fandango got the tag and jumped to the top rope. He jumped to take out one of his foes on the apron and continued his attention to Konnor on the inside for a two count.

Ascension tagged out to each other and Viktor looked as though he had Dango ready to get a dose of a brutal double team move. Breeze jumped on the apron and took Konnor out as he tried to jump off the top rope and hit his partner.

Fandango used this diversion to roll up Viktor for the three count and the win.

AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler (Money In The Bank Ladder Match)

Not that we don’t love Kevin Owens, but he is the current United States Champion and New Face Of America. It’s great that he’s in the MITB ladder match, but he could have always successfully defended that title against someone like Sin Cara just for shiggles. It would have also given someone like Tye Dillinger a chance to get in the Money In The Bank match. But for whatever reason they decided to just put KO in the MITB match and make it an hour long.

Baron Corbin jumped Nakamura in the middle of his entrance. The crowd was hot because they were robbed of Shinsuke’s entrance. That was brilliant.

Corbin kept beating on Nakamura before the match even started. He hit Nakamura with a ladder and then assaulted him with a camera. The referees surrounded him, “that’s enough!” they yelled.

Baron Corbin then walked down to the ring without any music and got in. “Ring the bell!” he yelled at the timekeeper.

With Shinsuke still down the five men went at each other when the bell rang. Ziggler and Zayn tangled and KO soon sent Ziggler into a ladder. Zayn and Owens traded some shots and then Kevin hit Dolph in the ribs.

Corbin and AJ tangled on the other side of the ring and Ziggler took over beating on AJ as WWE officials helped Shinsuke Nakamura to the back. Baron Corbin is a star and MITB very well might be his coming out party.

Sami hit KO with a flipping dive on the outside as Corbin grabbed a ladder on the outside. He teamed with Ziggler as the ran over AJ Styles with an extended ladder. Their partnership was brief as Corbin immediately him Ziggler and sent him to the floor. Baron hit Styles with the ladder again before turning to the ring.

Dolph hit a superkick to Corbin and started to get in the ring. Zayn took Ziggler off the apron with a strike and tried to set up the ladder. KO snatched the ladder away from him from the outside and Zayn ran outside to hit him with a clothesline for his troubles.

Styles dumped Zayn outside and Ziggler grabbed the ladder from Styles. AJ pushed Dolph off the apron through the announce table with the ladder and AJ jumped up to do a springboard move, but Dolph knocked him off. As soon as Dolph got to the floor Baron was waiting to hit him with a Deep 6 on the outside.

AJ soon found himself alone in the ring and tried to set up a ladder, but KO surprised him and hit a superkick to his face. KO taunted the crowd and grabbed the shorter ladder. It wouldn’t have been enough to get them to the briefcase. So it was in the match just for fun.

Owens hit Styles with the ladder a couple of times and used it against Corbin and Ziggler as he launched them off the apron. AJ hit a drop toehold on KO and sent him into his own ladder and then AJ and KO traded some strikes.

AJ looked like he was going for a Styles Clash, but KO back body dropped Styles over the top rope and to the floor. Zayn jumped KO and didn’t let him set up the ladder either. KO used the top rope against Zayn’s throat and surveyed his situation.

Owens climbed to the top rope and noticed everyone on the floor below. But just as he was about to jump on them Sami jumped up and slammed KO from the top rope through a ladder that had been set up on its side in the middle of the ring.

As Kevin rolled around in pain Sami went to get a ladder that would get him to the briefcase because that one they were using was way too short. Ziggler jumped in the ring to stop Sami after an awkward period that seemed like they were stalling.

Dolph sent Sami spine first into the steel ladder and then Ziggler set up his ladder. Sami tried to get up the ladder, but Ziggler hit him with a dropkick that sent him down. Ziggler tried for a superkick but Zayn countered into a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Zayn started to climb but Baron Corbin pulled him off and sent his skull crashing into the ladder. AJ jumped in the ring and hit Baron with some kicks and a forearm to the face.

“AJ Styles” the crowd chanted as he climbed to the briefcase. But just as he got to the top, Baron Corbin jumped up the ladder and they met at the top. They teased reaching for the briefcase until AJ knocked him off. Ziggler jumped on Baron’s shoulders and climbed over Baron to get to the top.

AJ got knocked down and Ziggler fell too. Baron Corbin climbed up and Dolph hit the Zig Zag on Baron Corbin off the ladder.

Ziggler held his back as he climbed the ladder again. AJ met him on the ladder as Sami climbed to the other side. All three men were on the top and punched at each other trying to get the advantage. Dolph and Sami teamed up and took out AJ so he fell to the mat.

Zayn stopped Ziggler and jumped over him delivering a sick sunset flip powerbomb off the top of the ladder. The crowd popped hard with plenty of “holy sh-t” chants.

KO pulled Sami out of the ring and went to powerbomb him on the apron. Zayn held on and they met on the apron. Zayn kicked KO in the face and then tried to hit a move, after a bit of hesitation, Sami Zayn hit Kevin Owens sick one of the sickest moves I’ve ever seen delivered on a ring apron. Zayn turned and started climbing the ladder while the “old” chants echoed in the arena.

Just as Zayn looked like he was getting close to the briefcase, AJ Styles flew in out of nowhere and hit a Phenomenal Forearm on Sami sending him off the ladder.

Baron Corbin attacked AJ and sent him over the announce desk outside. He took his time with AJ Styles as he went to pick him up. But AJ hit him with a kick followed by a running forearm off the apron. The running forearm was caught and Baron chokeslammed AJ off a ladder that was conveniently propped up at ringside.

When Baron got back in the ring Sami Zayn suddenly hit him with a Helluva kick and started to climb. Ziggler started to stop him but he was kicked off. Then KO grabbed his friend and pulled him off the ladder. Owens kicked him in the junk and went for the ladder.

Just as he was touching the briefcase, AJ Styles got involved. The two wrestled for a bit and ended up on the apron. KO snatched AJ and looked like it was going to be a powerbomb through the ladder that was still propped up, but Styles reversed it and sent Owens bouncing off the ladder to the mat below.

AJ rolled in the ring and looked up at the briefcase. He climbed as fast as he could and got to the briefcase but Ziggler pulled the ladder out from under him leaving AJ hanging while he held onto the briefcase. As Styles was trying to figure out how to unhook the briefcase, he lost his grip and fell to the mat. That was a hard bump.

Baron Corbin jumped in the ring and started to climb after taking out Ziggler. Suddenly Nakamura’s music hit and Shinsuke came to the ring. He kicked Baron a few times and followed it up with a running knee while Corbin was suspended on the top rope. He planted Corbin with another knee that sent him out of the ring. Ziggler ran in and got hit with a boot.

Nakamura hit Ziggler with two Kinshasas and rolled out of the ring. Sami jumped in the ring and took a Kinshasa too.

Nakamura rolled outside and tried to get another ladder but KO was holding onto the other side of it. He hit him with another Kinshasa and went to the ring and set up his ladder. He took his time and then looked up to see AJ Styles standing on the other side of the ladder.

They looked at each other while “yes” chants broke out in the arena. They soon put the ladder to the side and started to square off one-on-one.

They started trading strikes and it was almost surreal at this point that fans were finally getting these two confronting each other. AJ tried to wrap up Nakamura and he was hit with an exploder suplex. Nakamura tried to hit a Kinshasa but AJ countered into a running forearm to the face.

“This is awesome” chants were loud and this moment was incredible.

AJ set up the ladder and started to climb the ladder. Nakamura started to slowly climb on the other side and met at the top. They traded forearm shots and each reached for the briefcase while the other one sold their move, but they never let go. This went on for a bit as the crowd developed into a fever pitch.

Suddenly Baron Corbin came in the ring and tipped over the ladder. He sent Nakamura and AJ Styles crashing to the mat and set to ladder up for himself. The Lone Wolf climbed to the top of the ladder and slowly unhinged his briefcase. He could take his time because nobody else was in sight.

Baron Corbin freed the Money In The Bank briefcase from its place high above the ring. Corbin held up his new luggage as he celebrated the beginning of the biggest opportunity get could have gotten in St Louis.

Welcome to the big push of The Lone Wolf.

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