When it comes to entrances in professional wrestling, music plays a huge role in setting the tone for what’s about to come. Over the years there have been many professional wrestling entrance songs in WWE that have become iconic, and most of them were written by longtime WWE composer Jim Johnston.

However, Jim Johnston is no longer with WWE, and fans weren’t thrilled when they found out about his departure. Johnston was one of the highest paid non-executive employees in WWE, and when his contract expired the company made the decision not to renew.

CFO$ have taken over as the main music composers in WWE over the last few years, and when Neil Lawi, the General Manager of WWE Music Publishing brought them in, Jim Johnston started to fade out of the picture.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that CFO$ wanted to replace the Jim Johnston music and completely overhaul the music division. The duo already did a remake of Kane’s entrance music, and it’s being reported that there is talk they will be remaking entrance music for other wrestlers as well.

Johnston had an incredible run with WWE, and it’s safe to say that many fans don’t want to hear remakes of the entrance themes he created, but we’ll have to keep our ears open and wait and see what happens.