ric flair

Ric Flair is a living legend and a 16 time World Champion. Fans have always had an easy time connecting with the one and only Ric Flair thanks to his charismatic personality and his positive spirit which is undeniably infectious. Flair is a man who is near and dear to the hearts of wrestling fans around the world, and the Nature Boy needs a little positivity sent his way at this very moment.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Ric Flair has been hospitalized for heart related issues, and he’s been taken to the ICU after being admitted by his family. However, a rep for Flair notes that, “there is no reason to panic,” and the hospitalization is nothing more than “routine monitoring.”

Ric is fortunately in the company of his loved ones, and in the care of professionals. A statement from his rep reads as follows: “Yes, we’d like to thank his fiancé & the incredible hospital staff who are providing the best care. No, we cannot answer any personal questions. Yes, Ric would want you to go out and have a great weekend … Nature Boy style!”

At this point in time it sounds like things are going well, and hopefully the Nature Boy will be just fine. But as the members of the New Day have shown us over time, the power of positivity is an incredible thing, so we should all try to send a little positivity in Ric Flair’s direction right now.

Stay tuned for updates on Flair’s condition.

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