Over the years fans have seen Triple H and Randy Orton face off quite a few times, but the former Evolution members faced off once again at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia on Friday.

Triple H and Randy Orton know each other well, so they went back and forth for a while but Orton gained the upper hand after he hit the RKO. Triple H kicked out, then Randy went to the corner for the punt, as Randy tried to hit the punt, Triple H grabbed his leg and hit the Pedigree.

Triple H pinned Randy Orton, but The Viper kicked out of the Pedigree.

They brawled to the outside and Triple H slammed Randy Orton on the announce table four times.

Triple H then got in the ring and prepared to finish Randy Orton off, but Randy hit the RKO out of nowhere and pinned The Game to win the match.