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WWE Monday Night Raw will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in a few weeks, and the big show is set to feature some of WWE’s biggest stars from the past. WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin has been confirmed for the show, and his appearance is highly anticipated because it’s been years since he last appeared on Raw.

During a recent interview with USA Today’s For The Win, Triple H spoke about what Austin meant to Raw throughout the history of the show, and he said that there was probably no star in the business who was bigger than Steve Austin.

“Oh man. In that timeframe, everything. I said earlier those first episodes of Raw almost had this feel of the start of the Attitude Era, but then the Austin timeframe and DX and all that…. It wasn’t the longest run on the planet because of injuries for Steve, but there was no bigger star ever in the business, probably. Just in that moment in time, it was huge. And anytime Steve is around, he just has a personality and an intensity that’s just hard to beat.”

Triple H and Steve Austin also formed a seemingly unstoppable tag team for a brief period of time when they became the Two-Man Power Trip. Unfortunately their run was cut short when Triple H suffered an injury, but Triple H noted that fans still ask him what he thinks would have happened if the team had lasted longer.

“I do. It’s funny… Steve was at a point where he wanted something different and he wanted to run kind of on the dark side, so to speak, being a heel. I was the top heel, and we talked about it and here we are, doing this thing. And it was crazy – for a minute. The Two-Man Power Trip. The guy that was the quintessential heel in the business, me, and then Steve, who was the biggest babyface but then also at the same point in time an unbelievable badass. You put those two characters together and it was just mayhem. The injury happened with me, and I wonder… Fans ask me all the time, ‘well what would have happened if you hadn’t gotten injured, the Two-Man Power Trip stayed and the Invasion happened, what would have happened?’ It would be interesting.”

It’s a shame that we’ll never know how powerful the Two-Man Power Trip would have become, but luckily you can relive their brief run on the WWE Network.