cm punk

CM Punk was one of WWE’s most popular stars when he walked away from professional wrestling, and even though it’s been some time since the former WWE Champion has competed in the ring, fans still talk about a potential return for Punk often.

Whether or not CM Punk will ever return remains to be seen, but during a recent appearance on Pardon My Take Triple H revealed that he spoke to Punk less than two years ago.

“Last time I talked to [Punk]? A year and a half, a year and three quarters ago. A funny thing that people will constantly will say when his return is, but in some way, that has to be what he wants. People go, ‘make the call.’ Who says if we make the call that he wants to answer? What if we make the call and he’s like, ‘I’m not interested in doing that anymore.’

Maybe he’s just done with it. Those are conversations that only those people can directly answer. If he wants to do it, we would get word and have those conversations or he would make a call. There has to be a desire there to do something like that. This business is too all in to just go, ‘Ehhhh, alright, I’ll do it.'”

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H/T Fightful