It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas already. Because it’s not even Haloween yet, so Christmas is only two months away. Therefore you better get ready because commercialism resigns supreme in a society built on the idea of buying more stuff. By the way, check out our sick t-shirts and pick one up while you’re at it!

But with the Holiday Season rolling at us it’s time to bust out the new catalogs so kids can get all of their wish lists together. Toys”R”Us recently sent out their newest advertiser for the Holidays and it listed some pretty interesting choices for WWE action figures.

Not only are they having a couple pretty good deals, but there are a few items that really pique our interest. After all, the “Crash Cage” toy turned out to be foreshadowing of things to come in NXT where Paul Ellering was inside the shark cage and later on at SummerSlam when Enzo Amore took the spot.

You’ll notice a very interesting playset featured this year in “The WWE Extreme Asylum Play Set with Dean Ambrose Figure.” Not only is this a sweet deal for Ambrose because royalties are always a good thing but the Ambrose Asylum Match could be making a comeback.

It’s also pretty interesting to notice another playset called the “WWE Championship Takedown Ring” seems to resemble an Ultimate X match setup.

Of course, you should take this for what it’s worth considering the fact that this advertisement also includes an Adam Rose, Justin Gabriel, and what appears to be a Christian action figure as well.

But seeing how the Crash Cage resulted in those Shark Cage Matches it might be something worth paying attention to. So if you see another Ambrose Asylum Match pop up or something called a Takedown Match with a bunch of Cruiserweights participating in it, you can always say you saw it in a toy ad first.

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