sexy star

Sexy Star made headlines at TripleMania this year when she assaulted Rosemary with a shoot armbar in the middle of the ring after their match had concluded. It was a rather brutal, disrespectful, and needless display and the pro wrestling world banded together with the common idea that Sexy Star had betrayed a trust in the ring that should never be broken

Well, it looks like she’s at it again. After all, sometimes people just don’t learn their lessons the way the ought to. It is a sad thing to see this kind of thing happen once again but maybe this time Sexy Star will learn from her mistake if she ever gets another chance.

She wasn’t wearing a mask during this match, but it was still her. So don’t let her pretty face fool you because Sexy Starr is just as vicious and unhinged as ever. If she was making that her gimmick, it’s all well and good — but there can be no justifiable reason to take an angle this far once again.

At Saturday Night’s event for the Lucha Libre promotion MDA, Sexy Star was wrestling in a match and all was going fine until she was kicked in the face by Diosa Quetzal. Star lost her mind and started brutalizing Quetzal after no-selling the kick.

Sexy Star dragged her opponent around the ring by her hair and started laying in legit punches and kicks as a receipt for the stiff shot. It was just about a shoot fight and another sign Sexy Star probably shouldn’t be trusted in a wrestling ring. But even though those shots appeared to be legit from Sexy Star, Diosa Quetzal still kicked out at two which is just awesome.

At this point, the Lucha Underground star might be considered a liability in the ring giving promoters something to think about before they book her.

Of course, Sexy Star is still going to be popular and articles displaying her irresponsibility might have the adverse effect and get her more bookings (journalism is tricky). But still, as you can see here you probably shouldn’t trust Sexy Star very much or at least don’t potato her in the ring.

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