sasha banks

Sasha Banks has found major success since she joined the WWE main roster years ago. Banks is a multi-time champion, and she’s also competed in her fair share of gimmick matches.

Back in 2016 Sasha Banks and Charlotte competed in the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match, and so far Sasha has competed inside the cell a total of three times.

However, during a recent appearance on Broken Skull Sessions The Boss told Steve Austin that she doesn’t want to step inside Hell in a Cell again.

“I’ve been in three (Hell in a Cell match) of them. These are hard matches, these are… I don’t want to be in a fourth one. Done it, feel good, don’t want to get hurt. It hurts.”

Not only did Charlotte and Banks compete in the first women’s Hell in a Cell match, but they also main evented the pay-per-view. Sasha Banks noted that she didn’t know they were going to be in the main event until the night before the show.

“But you have to know this match is scary, especially for a woman, someone who is small in my stature. I was honestly super, super nervous because I didn’t know we were going to main event till the night before. Charlotte called me and she told me and it just made me shook, it made me second guess myself, is what I have in my mind good enough to be the main event?”

H/T Sportskeeda