The WWE Women’s Revolution has brought a lot of big changes in the world of sports entertainment. But on Thursday in Abu Dhabi, things really changed in a big way. Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks made history by becoming the very first women to wrestle a match in the country.

There is a big cultural difference which prohibited this kind of thing from happening until now. But with Banks and Bliss’ match, it breaks ground and could open up any number of changes. After all, every big move starts with smaller steps.

This is a huge honor and Alexa Bliss obviously realizes how important of a moment it is. It was a historic moment for not just Bliss and Banks but for the world of pro wrestling as a whole.

Therefore if you’re ever quizzed on who were the first two women to wrestle in Abu Dhabi now you have a correct answer and you can thank WWE for making it possible.

As you can see by the photos from the history-making match, both Bliss and Banks needed to wear altered versions of their usual ring attire. After all, performing in such a strict conservative country warranted this extra covering up. So they wore long sleeves and full tights to cover up every inch of skin except their hands and necks, and faces.

But this change in ring attire was little trouble considering the amazing honor it was to be the first two women in pro wrestling allowed to apply their trade in this country which usually doesn’t allow for this kind of activity.

Plenty of people have applauded these two following their encounter in Abu Dhabi and Sasha Banks got very emotional after the match as well. Banks said this moment was bigger than she is and how amazing it was to walk out into the crowd and hear the packed arena pop when they heard a women’s match was coming up next.

Kudos to WWE for continuing in their trailblazing efforts and making history all the way.