Roman Reigns and The Undertaker had a historic battle at WrestleMania 33 which could go down as Taker’s last ride if taking off his hat, coat, and gloves after the match in such a ceremonious way was any indication. Now as he continues toward the next steps of his career Roman Reigns is able to look back at his program with The Deadman with great respect and as a highlight of his career.

Roman Reigns recently spoke on a WWE media conference call via Inside The Ropes where he opened up about how much having a good program with The Undertaker really meant to him.

“It was a great honor,” Reigns said via WrestlingInc. “We have a whole new generation here. We have a young generation of talent coming up and it’s going to get to a point one day where there’s only a handful of us that can say yeah, I’ve been in the ring with John Cena, I’ve been in the ring with Randy Orton, I’ve been in the ring with the Undertaker, with Shawn Michaels, with Kurt Angle, with Triple H. There’s a lot of young guys who are never going to have that experience and are never going to have that opportunity to learn from being out there with guys like that.”

Roman continued to explain how he felt by revealing he not only understood the significance of the program but how much it meant that one of the two losses on The Undertaker’s WrestleMania record belonged to him.

“Being in the ring with the Undertaker, I was able to feel that respect for the business from him. I was able to feel that responsibility and also to see that weight lifted off of him. That was one thing that was really neat, but it was semi-concerning. The times that I’ve wrestled these legends, these guys who have plugged in all this time, you could see a sense of relief on their faces after the match. They could finally take a breath for once. And for me, I know that’s quite the responsibility.”