Pro wrestling can be a funny thing because two people can have the same last name and not be related at all and some can have totally different surnames and be brothers. Case in point, take a look at Roman Reigns and Luther Reigns. They both might have the same last names, but they are not the same person nor do they share a family lineage at all.

This is why it confused fans when they saw a recent posting from Jon Bravo claiming Luther Reigns was confirmed as a former customer of Richard Rodriguez. Maybe releasing Reigns’ name as a teaser for the next video he’s putting out wasn’t the best idea for Bravo. Because some people saw Reigns’ name and thought Reigns was the Reigns Bravo was talking about and not the Reigns everyone was thinking about in the first place. You can see how it could be a little confusing.

It was quite frustrating for Jon Bravo when he heard this rumor spill out into the Internet Wrestling Community because he’s hard at work perfecting his next video and then suddenly a swarm of skepticism came charging at him.

Apparently, Bravo was inundated with questions concerning his documentary and whether or not Luther Reigns was going to be the only Reigns popping up in the long-awaited next installment. Jon Bravo was quick to dispell these rumors with a couple simple slides on his Instagram story and then he was back to work.

Now comes the real question of what WWE is going to do about this story if there is some major damning evidence that Roman Reigns bought PEDs from Richard Rodriguez. Regardless, Reigns said he has never heard of Rodriguez before so if there is concrete evidence showing Roman did know who Richard was then that might be an entirely different matter.

The fact is this situation has already affected the Road To WrestleMania for Superstars who aren’t involved in this situation at all. Braun Strowman’s current story is being held in limbo due to WWE’s fear that they might have to switch Roman Reigns out so he’ll miss Mania and carry out a 60-day suspension for a second offense of their Wellness Policy.

“Braun Strowman was supposed to wrestle in a singles match for the Intercontinental Title against The Miz and they switched the whole card around,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Live. “Braun Strowman is free in case they need to put him in the main event.”

Therefore whenever Jon Bravo’s next epic installment of his documentary drops you better believe the WWE office is going to be some of the first people to watch it because they might need to change up the WrestleMania card even more if things don’t line up for The Big Dog.

If you use a portion of the quotes in this article please credit Wrestling Observer Live with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription