RETRIBUTION have been one of the most controversial acts in WWE for some time now, and fans are constantly keeping up their social media posts.

The members of the group have a reputation for stirring things up, and T-BAR recently took to Twitter to accuse an AEW star of stealing his finisher when he posted the following:

“Some little teenage virgin on AEW stole my finisher like four years ago after we did a show together. I’d steal something from his move set but it’s all just @KingRicochet moves.”

The tweet has since been deleted, but fans who replied noted that T-BAR was referencing Sammy Guevara.

Sammy Guevara responded, and credited the move in question, which T-BAR calls Feast Your Eyes, to Matt Demorest.

“Someone tell T-Bag the move actually belongs to Matt Demorest (the guy he stole it from) & I’m just trying to get the move to be seen since you know he’s never on TV.

Also while you are sitting doing nothing in catering on Monday check out the newest vlog”

Dax Harwood of FTR also joined the conversation when he replied with, ““Stole MY finisher”. MY FINISHER?! 😂 The guy is an idiot. He’s lucky to even be in the business.”