Carmella is the first ever Miss Money in the Bank, and ever since she won the briefcase last year, she’s tried to cash in several times. Unfortunately for Carmella, her attempts have been thwarted, and she has yet to successfully cash in and win the title.

Carmella’s failed cash in attempts have become quite comical, and on Tuesday night she tried to cash in on Charlotte during SmackDown Live.

Unfortunately for The Princess of Staten Island, she knocked the referee out in the process.

After handing the ref the briefcase, Carmella went for a dropkick and accidentally caused the ref to fall out of the ring and hit his head on the mat on the way down.

That’s a pretty solid ref bump if I’ve ever seen one, but it turns out that this bump had some pretty brutal consequences.

Referee Danilo Anfibio recently took to Twitter to let fans know that he did hit his head and get knocked out for a few seconds, but he’s ok and he’s passed the necessary concussion tests.

Luck wasn’t on Carmella’s side on Tuesday night, but it’s nice to know that Danilo Anfibio managed to bounce back as the situation could have potentially been much worse.