finn balor

Finn Balor isn’t the biggest Superstar on Monday Night Raw, but he is a former Universal Champion, and he knows how to hold his own against bigger competitors.

Recently Balor has been feuding with Baron Corbin, and WWE confirmed earlier this week that Corbin and Balor will face off at Extreme Rules.

Finn Balor and Baron Corbin have taken their feud to Twitter, and Balor recently hyped up his experience in the ring when he noted that he was winning tournaments in Japan while Corbin was playing football.

Constable Corbin then fired back by telling Finn Balor he would be a better fit for 205 Live.

It seems that once a Superstar gets sent to 205 Live, there’s no way for them to escape the cruiserweight division, but luckily Finn Balor has escaped that fate so far.