randy orton

This is the kind of thing that makes WWE Live shows so much fun. You never know what can happen when you’re dealing with a crowd full of diverse people in any given area. You also never have any clue what can happen when WWE Superstars cut loose and have some fun.

The SmackDown Live brand went to East Lansing, Michigan the day after Hell In A Cell for a live event and the crowd was hot. During the event, Randy Orton defeated Rusev in a match where you can tell the crowd was having a good time. Randy Orton was obviously in a good enough mood as well.

As The Viper beat The Bulgarian Brute around the ring one fan at ringside jumped up and thought this would be a good time to wave hello to Randy Orton. He probably didn’t expect a reply, but he certainly got one. The crowd in attendance saw this interaction go down and popped with a good bit of laughter when Orton waved back at the fan.

It only goes to show you should never pass up the chance to see WWE Superstars do their thing whenever you can, especially if you’re at a live event. Not only will you get to see match ups you might not get to see on television, but the WWE Superstars are able to be themselves a little bit more without the script of television pacing always taking up the back of their head.

Randy Orton displayed a good bit of personality by waving back and it was certainly a moment worth capturing. We’re also glad he waved because now we get to share this moment with you as well. Also, thanks to Reddit for this awesome find.

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