jinder mahal

Just in case you didn’t know, Jinder Mahal is the current WWE Champion. Jinder won the title last Sunday at WWE Backlash when he defeated Randy Orton, and it was one of the most shocking WWE moments in recent memory.

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There were more than a few people out there who expected Randy Orton to retain, as Jinder only just recently entered the main event scene. Just a few weeks ago Jinder was working closer toward the bottom end of the card, and it looks like WWE officials had something very different planned for him at Backlash.

At WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, FL, Jinder Mahal competed in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale, and he had a little run in with New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski. Sportskeeda is reporting that original plans called for Mojo Rawley and Rob Gronkowski to team up to face Jinder Mahal and a partner of his choosing at Backlash.

According to the report, Braun Strowman was originally set to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale at WrestleMania 33, but the decision was made to let Mojo win after Rob Gronkowski reportedly agreed to work the tag team match at Backlash.

Plans for the tag team match were thrown out the window after the New England Patriots insisted that Gronkowski not get physically involved at a WWE event again.

Gronk did later get involved in the Jinder Mahal/Mojo Rawley feud one more time on an episode of SmackDown Live, but instead of attacking Jinder he threw a beer in his face.

Things obviously could have gone very different for Jinder Mahal at WWE Backlash, but it’s probably safe to say that he’s happy the tag team match didn’t happen.