The Calgary Sun recently ran a really great article about the Hart Family Dungeon and Natalya Neidhart was thrilled when she got to Calgary because the story made the paper. The article is not only a really well-written piece, but it was also written by someone who knows the Hart Family very well, Nattie herself.

In the article Natalya relays some of her fondest memories of growing up in a famous family where wrestling and training was their life. She talks about Stu’s training regiments, family gatherings, and the history of the famous Hart House.

The article also includes some really great photographs that are quite rare including one of Stu Hart grappling with Mohammed Ali. Natalya says that the Hart Family Dungeon was her favorite place on Earth, and it’s easy to see why. Not only was it the location where so many famous wrestling personalities honed their craft, but it was also the place where she met her future husband, Tyson Kidd.

You can find the article here, and we definitely suggest that you give it a read, because it’s full of some really wonderful information written from first-hand experience. We had to include this excerpt because it it just too cool to leave out of this article:

“If the walls of that Dungeon could talk, they’d yield epic stories, including why there was a hole through the ceiling. Let’s just say it involved a wrestling move called the Atomic Drop and a lot of screaming!”

It is truly a one-of-a-kind piece.