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John Cena and Baron Corbin are set to face off at SummerSlam on August 20, and they had an interesting encounter on SmackDown Live this week. Cena cut a promo on Baron Corbin in front of the live audience and he referred to Corbin as a “dumpster fire” much to the delight of the crowd. It’s been a few days, but John Cena is still trolling Baron Corbin via social media, as he posted the following on Instagram:

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Low Ki returned to Global Force Wrestling a few months ago, and he won the X-Division Championship on his first night back. Low Ki has worked for several promotions throughout the course of his career, and a few years ago he was working with NJPW.

The former X-Division Champion recently spoke with RealSport about why he parted ways with NJPW, and he noted that it all came down to safety concerns.

“I had put my foot down about wrestling in Fukushima. I did my research, both in the country as far as media and news outlets, and outside of the country as well, to get more of an informed position on Fukushima. I didn’t want to wrestle there. At that time, I was the IWGP [Junior Heavyweight] Champion, and I spoke with the company and said I don’t feel comfortable with this, I don’t want to do that.”

“We had a meeting, I believe a week later, where I was informed that the president thought that if I couldn’t make that event, which would be scheduled for the following February, because it’s a large television market, that I would be disqualified from performing. And I thought ‘Well ok, I just won’t perform at that one event’, and they came back with ‘no, you’re going to be cut for the entire year.’ So to me, that was utter disrespect, only because the first ten events I was a part of in 2012, we sold the events out. I like to think that my contribution to the company led to positive results. That was a complete disregard, and my stance was based off of safety, and it wasn’t necessarily based off of me. My argument was, ‘What about the rest of the people here? What about your staff? What about your wrestlers? You’re more concerned with money, I’m more concerned with safety.’ And when they told me that ‘we won’t use you for the entire year’, I only had one more match under contract, which was the [Tokyo] Dome. And the Dome, that was my final stance.”

On this week’s episode of Still Real Radio we’re talking about the road to SummerSlam, who might walk out of the big event as Universal Champion and more. We’re also talking about the possibility of another WWE Superstar Shake-up, and which stars might be better off getting sent to NXT. New episodes of Still Real Radio are available every Wednesday, and uou can subscribe to the show on iTunes, and check out the latest episode below.