roman reigns

WWE Extreme Rules is set to air live on the WWE Network, and Roman Reigns is set to face off against Bobby Lashley.

For years now WWE has been pushing Roman Reigns as the top star in the company, and it’s expected that he will be in the main event at Extreme Rules on Sunday.

According to Reddit user Gear4Vegito, if Roman does end up closing the show it will be his 27th PPV main event which would put Roman at number 11 on the list of all time main eventers.

Roman is currently tied for the number 11 spot with 26 main events, but Extreme Rules could put Roman ahead of other names such as Edge, Hulk Hogan, Batista and Big Show who are tied for the spot with the same number of WWE PPV main events.

If this trend continues then Reigns will surely surpass Brock Lesnar who is the number 10 all time main eventer with 28 PPV main events, as well as Chris Jericho who has 30 main events, and The Rock who has 33 under his belt.

Roman Reigns however still has a long way to go before he gets to the top as Triple H sits at number 3 with 68, The Undertaker at number 2 with 69, and John Cena at number 1 with 72.