Every wrestler knows that a great finishing move can take them to the next level, and there’s no denying that Triple H’s Pedigree is one of the most recognizable finishers of all time. However, there was once a time when Triple H used a cutter for a finisher instead of the Pedigree.

Diamond Dallas Page is synonymous with the Diamond Cutter, and during a recent episode of the DDP Snake Pit podcast he explained why he called Triple H after he saw Hunter use the move.

“The Diamond Cutter was really getting over. The Diamond Cutter was taking me to a different spot. You could hit it on anyone out of anywhere. And even though I was only hitting guys who were enhancement guys, it was still popping the crowd. So one night I’ve got RAW on and Triple H hit that cutter out of nowhere and pinned the guy. I was like ‘no! Bastard! No, not him!’ There’s three guys who when I say have the craziest work ethics ever, me, him, and The Rock. I’m thinking ‘man if he takes that? I’ve got to call him.’ And I just pick up the phone.”

DDP noted that Triple H never picked up the phone, but he happened to pick up when he called him. He also added that they had a relationship, so after they got the side talk out of the way he asked him for a favor

“It was customary for one guy to have it here, one guy to have it there,” DDP continued. “Bottom line is I said, ‘You know bro, I’m just really starting to get this Diamond Cutter over. It’s giving me some serious momentum. I saw you do it the other night to beat a guy. And I get it and I don’t have the right to ask you, but you’re so so much younger than me. The Pedigree is amazing. If you wouldn’t use it anymore, I’d really appreciate it.’ He said ‘done deal.’ That was the last time he ever did it.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.