In the fall of 2016 Goldberg finally made his return to WWE after 12 long years away. This week another former WWE star made his return to the company when Gillberg participated in the “Festival of Friendship” on Raw.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Gillberg on WWE programming and although he seemed pretty excited about his appearance, it didn’t last very long. Shortly after Gillberg made his way down the entrance ramp, Kevin Owens destroyed him and sent him packing.

It remains to be seen if Gillberg will be brought back for another appearance in the future, but he has one big goal in mind that he wants to accomplish before his time in the ring is done. Gillberg recently spoke to the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling and he noted that he’s still hoping to perform at WrestleMania someday.

“I made it to WrestleMania one time and I made it to the curtain and I had three seconds to go and they stopped me. I was standing getting ready to go out of the curtain for the Gimmick Battle Royal and they stopped me three seconds before I walked through the curtain and said sorry you can’t go. They thought Bill was coming in for the first time and they didn’t know how he would react. They just kind of freaked out. I understand the business but you want to talk about crushing man, it killed me. It was a hard one to take and ever since then I want to go back. I’ve got to make it through that curtain. That’s why I am now doing #GillbergWrestleMania on social media. Everything is #GillbergWrestleMania please lets get me on WrestleMania and lets do this.”

So there you have it Gillberg fans, if you really want to help the former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion make his dreams come true, you can by using the hashtag #GillbergWrestleMania on social media. It certainly can’t hurt his chances as the #EllsworthRumble hashtag seemed to do wonders for James Ellsworth, even though he didn’t last very long once he entered the Royal Rumble match.