WWE is like a family only it’s not weird when Superstars date each other. The WWE Performance Center is a place to turn future Superstars into the best versions of what they can be. They are taught to wrestle like WWE Superstars and some people even find the time to couple up.

There have been plenty of couples that have formed in the WWE Performance Center in the past. Now it would appear as though there could be one more.

Liv Morgan has been romantically linked to Enzo Amore in the past but that all seems to have changed. She recently posted on social media how she is single now and knows nobody is going to be cheating on her anymore.

Take that little quip as you will. But some of Liv Morgan’s fans have drawn their own conclusions on the matter.


Liv Morgan recently posted a selfie on social media. While this might be a usual occurrence it has a very interesting aspect. Because Tyler Bate seems to have found an interest in Morgan. It’s easy to see why by this selfie.

Morgan received a lot of praise for the selfie, but she found the time to reply to Bate’s remark about her glasses. Morgan replied by saying she liked Bate’s face.



The two have traded flirty messages before. A few days ago Tyler Bate was promoting a shirt he had for sale online. Liv Morgan replied by saying she liked Tyler’s shirt. He came back saying he liked her face.

It seems like they’re just saying they like different things about each other so it might be an inside joke. But we can’t help but to think there might be something else going on there.


Of course, Liv Morgan has told people she liked things about them before. After all, she currently has this message to Shane McMahon pinned to the top of her Twitter profile.