david otunga

David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson were able to keep their relationship afloat for an impressive amount of time considering the life of most celebrity relationships. But unfortunately this couple recently separated and things got ugly for a moment in the midst of a child custody situation.

Jennifer Hudson claimed Otunga got very angry during an argument in November where he grabbed her by the hand and shoved her out of their bedroom. But TMZ now reports the case is closed after a police investigation by the Burr Ridge Illinois police department and Otunga will not be charged.

This is a very good turn of events for David Otunga because if this investigation had discovered he was guilty then his employment with WWE could have been in jeopardy.

Although Otunga might be cleared of these charges it sadly won’t help the couple’s marriage as they are still separated with no sign of reconciliation in sight. Hudson had filed a temporary restraining order against Otunga during this incident as David’s attorneys noted this was all a ploy to gain leverage in a child custody case.

Through it all, David Otunga maintained his innocence and it looks like the police have decided he was correct in this claim as well. The former NEXUS member was also granted custody of the couple’s 8-year-old son David Otunga, Jr in November in the middle of this situation.

We really hope the best for these two and it would be nice if they would be able to work it out. But in the end, the best interest of their son needs to be taken into consideration first and foremost. After all, he is having to deal with his parents’ break up too.

Otunga was pulled from his gig as part of the kickoff panels before pay-per-views due to this situation, therefore who knows if being cleared of these charges will see him back in that spot? After all, the Royal Rumble is coming up fast so it would be interesting to see if WWE put Otunga right back in his former spot now that this unfortunate situation seems to be past him.