When Carlito made his return to WWE at the Royal Rumble a few weeks ago many fans were happy to see him working inside a WWE ring once again.

The former United States Champion went on to team with Jeff Hardy the next night on Raw, and now everyone is wondering what the future holds for Carlito and WWE.

Carlito addressed his status with the company during an appearance on the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, and he noted that he doesn’t know where he sits right now.

“Right now, I don’t know where I sit. There was never a trial or something to be a producer backstage or something. None of that was was ever mentioned to me. All we talked about was the Rumble and RAW, and then after that, who knows? But as of now, I’d love to come back. It’s all in the air right now. I have no idea what’s next for me.”

Carlito also indicated that he’s open to the idea of coaching and working with younger talents.

“I’m open to whatever ideas are out there. As long as it’s a good idea, I don’t mind. I know I’m a little long in the tooth now. What’s the saying? I got more years behind me than ahead of me. I like helping out the new talent and stuff. If somebody’s got a good idea, then I’m happy to hear it.”

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