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Braun Strowman might be the Monster Among Men on Raw, but he’s really just a big country boy at heart. The North Carolina-native never disappoints and if you don’t follow him on Instagram then you’re missing out on some cool stuff.

He’s known to shoot off guns, pose while making funny faces, and just be an all-out goofball when the mood strikes him. He might appear like a monster on WWE television, but the truth is Braun Strowman is just a huge good ‘ole boy at heart.

He’s got a great personality and it really shines on social media when he’s not being handed a script telling him to talk about destroying things.

Back to the point at hand, he’s worth following on Instagram. For instance, Strowman recently posted a “story” showing he was at a Luke Combs concert hanging out in the rafters. But as Strowman put it, he was hiding probably due to his insanely recognizable… everything.

Strowman also recently helped a couple farmer friends of his by taking care of some wild hogs that were messing up their property and destroying crops. The hogs were tied and relocated where they will hopefully do less damage.

Strowman wrote about the experience and talked about how the massive 200-pound beasts were tough to wrangle. We can only imagine how a normal-sized man would fare against a huge wild hog that size if Strowman was having a tough time.

Braun wrote about the experience saying, “So last night was a first for me. I went out on an excursion to catch and relocate some #wildhogs that were destroying a farmers crops and land. We ended up catching three. This is about a 200lb live #wildboar we caught and hogtied put him in the truck and took him and released him in a different location. Talk about one hell of an adrenaline rush. It’s crazy how strong these animals are. All and all a crazy fun night!!!! #MonsterAmongHogs #pigs#catchandrelease #KindaScary #wildlife”

There are a lot of things you can get from this Instagram post, but the Monster Among Hogs hashtag is what’s going to stick in my mind.

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