The Monster Among Men said he wanted Kane during Raw this week and his wish was Kurt Angle’s command. It’s been a short but effective build between the two. If anything a program consisting of one participant being crushed in a garbage truck is sure to do business.

Braun Strowman’s resurrection from said garbage pile was an intense visual and it ended with Curtis Axel taking the brunt of the abuse via multiple running powerslams and then one more through the announce table. Like a true wrestling purist, Axel was still sporting a neck brace two weeks later.

But even though Strowman went through The Miz and his companions, he still wanted Kane. After all, it was The Big Red Machine who really took part in most of the offense against Strowman at TLC.

The two finally locked horns during the go-home Raw leading to Survivor Series but they didn’t have a match. These two beasts collided and the action soon spilled out of the ring without giving the referee any chance to ring the bell and officially start the contest.

The entire segment ended with Braun Strowman executing a running powerslam on Kane that imploded the ring leaving both participants engulfed in a canvas grave when Raw went off the air. But don’t worry, they’re fine. As it turns out this angle was arranged so both competitors could live to fight again another day.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that this angle was set up without an actual match starting because WWE still plans on saving this confrontation for down the line. It’s interesting WWE played with the idea of these two massive individuals actually having a match. But it ended far too soon without any resolution.

Although the selling point for a future contest between Kane and Strowman might be the fact that this first encounter was never officially started, Meltzer theorized that a blow-off match between Kane and Braun Strowman is likely to take place on Raw rather than a pay-per-view.

If anything, WWE might not have a PPV slot for this match before Kane needs to leave once again to hit the campaign trail.