brie bella

This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw featured some interesting segments, but The Riott Squad vs. The Bella Twins & Natalya seems to be the match that people are talking about the most.

At one point during the match, Brie Bella hit Liv Morgan with a series of Yes Kicks, and she connected with Liv’s face.

Fightful is reporting that Liv Morgan was having trouble remembering what happened following the kicks, and she was said to be on auto-pilot after she was struck.

The referee was instructed to pull Liv out of the match, and Ruby Riott then called the match on the fly as Sarah Logan helped Liv out of the ring.

Liv Morgan did return to the match at one point for a triple suplex spot, but she wasn’t supposed to, and after that The Riott Squad had to physically restrain her to let her know she had to stay out of the match until help arrived.

There was another spot where Brie Bella was supposed to be catapulted into a forearm from Ruby Riott, but she ended up hitting Riott in the mouth instead.

It’s also being reported that there doesn’t seem to be any heat between Brie Bella and Liv Morgan, and Brie apologized to Liv repeatedly backstage.

However, Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott are legitimately friends with Liv Morgan, and it’s being said that they “looked” unhappy backstage.