baron corbin

Baron Corbin was Mr. Money in the Bank a few weeks ago and looked likely to cash in his contract at SummerSlam and become WWE Champion for the first time. This was seemingly the plan for the former NXT star until he was forced to cash in his contract unsuccessfully the week before SummerSlam and WWE apparently decided to scrap all plans to push him towards the WWE Championship.

This has confused a number of fans but the Twitter exchange with Dave Meltzer seemed to be the reason that WWE has decided Baron Corbin was no longer championship material. This is no longer the case, new details have emerged this week after Dave Meltzer himself stated in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that:

“It was an entirely different situation outside of the ring that happened a few weeks ago.”

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported that he had heard from several wrestlers in the company that Corbin caused a number of problems for Dr. Maroon when he was trying to talk to the wrestlers backstage about CTE, apparently Corbin disagreed with his teachings and cited his previous experience in the NFL.

It is thought that Dr. Maroon didn’t take too kindly to the interruptions and that many higher ups in the company don’t think that Corbin should have disrupted the meeting to get his point across, he should have waited until afterward and spoke to Maroon in private.

There are suggestions that Vince McMahon is still hot on Corbin and this is why he wasn’t punished more severely, so Corbin could be given a push again in the future, but it seems that he will be in the doghouse with WWE for a while first.