elimination chamber

WWE held their Elimination Chamber pay-per-view last week and in the process unveiled a new chamber structure for us all to marvel at. When WWE promoted that there was going to be a new Elimination Chamber we didn’t know what that meant, but when we first saw it, we were excited.

There was a noticeable difference in the new Elimination Chamber’s structure including bullet-proof glass running up the sides connecting the walls, and a new floor outside of the ring. The previous steel grates were replaced by what appeared to be a much more forgiving material, and the chamber looked to be much lighter due to these alterations.

There were a few obvious changes to the Elimination Chamber that were made for functionality sake during the match as well. For instance, ledges were installed all around the chamber at the same height as the pods so the wrestlers could scale their way up the chained walls and perch themselves up there for a diving spot, or to get easier access to the top of the pods. There were way more “top of the pod” spots in this match than in previous Elimination Chamber matches due to this innovation.

WWE recently posted a video which showed exactly how the new structure was built. WWE cameras went inside Atomic Designs in Lititz, Pennsylvania to see exactly how much work went into this massive project.

Which Elimination Chamber do you like better, the new one or the old one? Sound off in the comments below.