There’s an update in the category of Zack Ryder’s love life. It’s been well documented in the past how Zack Ryder and Emma were an item and called it quits sometime last year. Well, now someone else woo, woo, woo’s… you know it. But, Zack’s new love interest is working for a company that WWE won’t even mention on air. Zack Ryder is now dating Impact Wrestling knockout Chelsea. The two seem quite happy together and are obviously comfortable enough with their relationship that they’re posting about it on social media.

Happy birthday babe @chelseaagreen

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The happy couple made it “social media” official as they each posted Instagram pictures of the two of them together. After all, announcing your relationship with Long Island Iced Z would be a pretty cool birthday present.

New Japan’s current home on American television is on AXS TV. The only issue with that is the fact that most of the episodes that air are pretty outdated. Jim Ross revealed on the most recent episode of his podcast, The Ross Report that New Japan was going to start changing the way they edit the programming in order to make it more current.

Jim Ross said, “AXS is getting closer and closer to getting more current on the current New Japan product. And the big news is that AXS is very soon, like I mean imminently, like in the next week or so gonna start editing their own shows […] so that’s a little news item.”

“They’ve been edited usually in Japan and sent to them that Josh Barnett and I voice over. So I’m told that the raw footage is gonna come in that the AXS guys are gonna edit create their own shows. And you’ll see a little different philosophy I think. Because of break spots — how you go to break and come in and out of breaks is a key element that I think could be better utilized. But nonetheless I think by July, the goal is by July to be — I’m not saying day to day, but very, very current by July which should make people happier.”

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